Data Centre Management : Table of Contents

Data Centre Management is the collection of tasks performed by those responsible for managing the ongoing operation of a data center. This includes Business service management and planning for the future. In the digital age, data centres stand as the beating heart of technological evolution. They are the underpinnings of the connected world, ensuring seamless operations for organizations ranging from multinational corporations to budding startups.

The essentiality of these centres cannot be understated, but with great potential comes a need for meticulous management and understanding. “Data Centre Management” delves deep into the complexities, challenges, and advancements in the realm of ensuring these hubs operate at peak efficiency. It is not just a guide, but an immersive journey that weaves together the intricate tapestry of hardware, software, human resources, energy considerations, and strategic planning. Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional, an administrator, or someone stepping into the world of data centres, this book promises insights that will shape your understanding and practices in a field that is ever-evolving. Welcome to the world where data and its dwelling converge; welcome to the heart of the future.


Data Centre Management - Automated Data Centre


Data Centre Management : Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Foundations of Data Centre Architecture
  3. Cooling and Power Management
    • 3.1. Power Distribution Units
    • 3.2. HVAC Systems and Cooling Mechanisms
    • 3.3. Energy Efficiency Strategies
  4. Security and Compliance
    • 4.1. Physical Security Measures
    • 4.2. Network and Cybersecurity Protocols
    • 4.3. Compliance and Regulatory Frameworks
  5. Operational Procedures and Best Practices
    • 5.1. Routine Maintenance
    • 5.2. Backup and Disaster Recovery
    • 5.3. Vendor Management
  6. Network and Connectivity
    • 6.1. Network Infrastructure
    • 6.2. Bandwidth Management and Distribution
    • 6.3. Redundancy and Failover Strategies
  7. Cloud Integration and Hybrid Solutions
    • 7.1. Migrating to the Cloud
    • 7.2. Hybrid Data Centre Models
    • 7.3. Interoperability and API Integration
  8. Monitoring, Analytics, and Automation
    • 8.1. Real-time Monitoring Tools
    • 8.2. Data Analytics and Performance Metrics
    • 8.3. Automation and Orchestration Solutions
  9. Sustainability in Data Centre Management
    • 9.1. Green Data Centres
    • 9.2. Renewable Energy Sources
    • 9.3. Waste and Emission Reduction Strategies
  10. Human Resources and Training
    • 10.1. Roles and Responsibilities in Data Centre Teams
    • 10.2. Ongoing Training and Certifications
    • 10.3. Handling Crisis and Emergency Situations
  11. Future Trends and Innovations
    • 11.1. Edge Computing and Decentralized Data Centres
    • 11.2. AI Integration in Data Centre Management
    • 11.3. Quantum Computing Implications
  12. Case Studies
    • 12.1. Transforming Legacy Data Centres
    • 12.2. Innovations in Cooling and Energy Management
    • 12.3. Large-Scale Data Centre Challenges and Solutions
  13. Conclusion
    • 13.1. The Continuously Evolving Data Centre Landscape
  14. Appendices
    • A. Glossary of Terms
    • B. Resources and Further Reading
    • C. List of Relevant Certifications

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